Balatonkenese is located in the northeast corner of Lake Balaton, on the high shore of Kenese. Its position is very unique among the towns and villages of Lake Balaton. Balatonkenese is the only town around Lake Balaton that can be found neither on the southern nor on the northern shore. If you walk up to the high shore or spend time on the beach, a marvellous panorama unfolds in front of you: you can admire the entire eastern basin of Lake Balaton and Tihany Peninsula at the same time. Walking along the high shore towards southeast you can find a 40 to 50 meters long so-called bench that was the scene of piling of the predominantly Pannonian age sediments, which flowed slowly but steadily from the high shore in the 19th century. The typical southern shore shallow water quite deepens in Balatonkenese, so due to this characteristic it is a popular location for regattas and anglers. 

Kenese Bay Garden Resort & Conference

Our hotel can be found only an hour's drive from the capital, on a three-acre landscaped area, directly on the shore of Lake Balaton. It is an excellent venue for organising conferences, events or trainings due to its conference centre and training-park.


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