Why Accent?

Why Accent?

Why is it good for you to reserve via accenthotels.com?


The advantages of accenthotels.com against to other hotel reservation sites are:

  • You can receive the discounts of the loyalty programme of Accent Welcome Back Card, if you have a frequent guest card and you reserve through accenthotels.com.
  • You reserve directly at the operator of the hotel when you book your stay via accenthotels.com.
  • Your reservation is ensured by accenthotels.com as the operator of the hotel. We warrant the quality and the existence of the services through our direct influence on the hotels.
  • On accenthotels.com you can find always the best available prices of the hotels and we guarantee it.


The website of accenthotels.com is operated by Accent Hotel Solutions Ltd. and it sells the services of the hotels operated by Accent Hotel Management Ltd.

Accent Hotel Management Ltd. as the operator and management company of the hotels has direct influence over the activities of its hotels and maintains direct contact to them.

Unlike an travel agency the company functions as a strong link between the hotels and makes it possible to utilize their synergies.

Reserving via accenthotels.com is like you reserved directly at the selected hotel. This way the liabilities concerning the accomplishment of the promised services are the same as if you treated with the hotels directly.

Moreover accenthotels.com is the one and only interface of our loyalty programme: hotels operated by Accent established a common loyalty programme.

By booking accommodation through the websites of accenthotels.com and choosing the option of advance payment your money and your relaxation is totally safe.

Since 2005 our company has been a market leader of the Hungarian hotel industry. Owners of the hotels managed by our company include banks and local governments.

Accent Hotel Management Ltd. is a reliable partner of some leading enterprises in Hungary. Without attempting to be comprehensive (among many other companies) our satisfied clients are: Porsche Hungária, Coca Cola Hungary, CIB Bank, Samsung Hungary etc.

The Accent Hotel Management and all of its operated hotels are members of the Hungarian Hotel Association.

Our hotels passed the Hotelstars international quality and classification assessment programme and their categories are published according to their received results.

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