You can find a number of opportunities to spend your leisure time with active relaxation in our hotels. While you - either individually or in groups – are doing sports in the open air or in the gym, not only do you do something for your health but you also improve your way of life. Water gymnastics, swimming, yoga, tennis, spine gymnastics or body shaping, just a few of the possibilities offered by our hotels

Every medicinal water is thermal water but not every thermal water is medicinal water!?
How is this possible? What do we call thermal water and what do we call medicinal water? And what is mineral water?

Mineral water is unpolluted spring-water or well-water that contains minimum 1000 mg/litre of natural minerals and does not contain substances harmful to health.
Medicinal water is mineral water that is considered as having pharmaceutical activity based on its physical characteristics and chemical composition required by health care legislation. In addition to chemical, bacteriological and curative power examinations, a medical study record is also needed to its rating.
Thermal water is spring-water coming from the depths and its temperature is continuously higher than the annual average temperature on the spot where it reaches the surface. Therefore, in Hungary the name thermal water is authorised from 30 degrees Celsius, whereas in other European countries from 20º Celsius.

There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying the caress of water under the clear blue sky. Plunge into the refreshing water on a hot summer day or warm up your body and soul on cold winter mornings in our pleasantly hot pools!
The hotels of Accent await you with more than 30 pools throughout the country!

Not only our bodies, but also our souls need pampering occasionally. After a traditional massage, an exotic treatment or a pampering facial mask both your skin and also your soul will be rejuvenated.  In our hotels professional masseurs, qualified cosmeticians and skilled hands await you to be part of this experience.

You can relax and heal at the same time in a number of our hotels. We offer recreational vacations, balneotherapeutic cures and also preventive treatments in different parts of the country.
Balneotherapy is the general term for therapeutic treatments carried out with medicinal water and/or mud. The term 'SPA' is used in practice, but the two terms have to be distinguished, because  balneotherapy is used for relieving symptoms that have already developed, on the other hand spa means the methods associated with health preservation.

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