Accent Always Clean Program

Accent Always Clean Program

Dear guests!

Our hotels have always operated with strict hygiene and cleanliness protocols in place, which we are now enhancing with our (A) Always Clean program. To protect our health and the safety of our environment it is important to look out for each other, now more than ever. We are adopting health, hygiene, and operating standards according to the ones set by international and domestic health and tourism organizations, and in some aspects going even beyond their recommendations. We do this so that you can make many beautiful memories without having to worry.

(A) AlWays clean - We are fully prepared to welcome you again! 

Our goal in meeting this challenge is to ensure that our guests and colleagues stay completely safe and healthy. Our guiding principle is to do everything in our power to maintain your safety. Please allow us to introduce some measures that we have prepared so that you can rest carefree with us.

All our employees have received training, they are now fully prepared to work according to the new protocols.
We strive to provide you with rooms that are as far away as possible from other guests to guarantee that you can rest without worry.
We have installed disinfectant dispensers in many locations in our hotels, which our guests can use at any time.
Surfaces in the entire hotel area are disinfected regularly, especially those that are frequently touched such as elevator buttons and door handles.
The air conditioning and ventilation have undergone extra cleaning and maintenance to make sure they are disinfected.
We have set up an information system using QR-codes that allows our guests to access all important and necessary information quickly and efficiently.
We strive to minimize the duration of the check-in and check-out process. Thanks to our online interfaces you will be able to enter your data from home, before you arrive at one of our hotels.
We encourage our guests to utilize cashless forms of payment, for which we have all the necessary equipment ready.
Together we will get through this 

It is in our common interest to follow both Hungarian and international advice on how to act in our everyday lives. Our colleagues are doing everything to protect your health, and at the same time, we thank you for observing the following recommendations during your stay at one of our hotels.

Common areas
There are disinfectant dispensers in common areas that you are free to use at any time to easily and swiftly disinfect your hands.
In the rest of the hotel grounds, floor stickers and other signs have been placed to help you maintain the recommended distance from others.
In the restaurants, please follow the instructions that have been posted. Our colleagues are at your service and it is their foremost priority to make sure you have a safe and comfortable dining experience. You will be notified whether there will be a seating arrangement for dinner or if there will be a buffet. 
If you wish, our buffet offer is served at our table, please feel free to contact our colleagues.
The safe use of the wellness department is of high importance for all of us. To help you rest safely we have put up figures demonstrating guidelines, but should any questions arise please do not hesitate to ask our colleagues for help.
Please note that some of our hotels are cooperating with a spa that is not operated by Accent Hotels. Please contact the operators of the spa or visit their website to find out about the safety regulations in place. Thank you for your understanding.
General hygiene
During your stay, it is possible for you to opt-out of the daily cleaning service if you wish to be certain that nobody but you enters your room.
If it is possible, please choose to pay with a credit card instead of cash. It is also recommended that you arrange the payment for your stay the night before your departure to avoid crowds at the reception.

We believe that small actions can make a difference. As part of the (A) Always Clean program the already strict hygiene protocols that we observe at our hotels have been broadened, and our colleagues are performing their duties with even more care and attention. Get to know the measures that we have taken in the different departments of our hotels.

To make keeping distance easier, floor stickers have been placed at the reception and in other parts of the hotel to indicate the waiting area.
Please accept our hotel brochure where you will find in detail the measures that Accent Hotels is taking to protect against Covid-19. 
Your data will be processed before your arrival, should you provide the information to us online. This is to shorten the check-in and check-out process.
You can pay your bill the day before departure either in cash or by contactless payment methods.
We provide you with hand disinfectant at the reception, and should the need arise digital thermometers are also available for you.
The key cards are only given to guests after being disinfected. We collect the cards in boxes after your departure and they are disinfected before being used again.
Guest rooms
You can still ask for hotel room kits. In the interest of hygiene, our hotel only offers prepackaged products.
The minibar and all devices, as well as all surfaces that are frequently touched, are thoroughly disinfected. You can rest easy while using one of our rooms.
We have set up an information system using QR-codes that allows our guests to access all important and necessary information quickly and efficiently. Our colleagues at the reception also continue to be at your service.

We have placed disinfectant dispensers at the entrances of our restaurants.
Our colleagues are serving your food with gloves and face masks on.
In our restaurants, there is either table service or a buffet. In the latter case, our colleagues will bring your food of choice to you.
To avoid large congregations, we have introduced timetables and table reservations in our restaurants.
During breakfast, our colleagues will serve certain drinks at your table, if you wish to make use of the beverage dispensers please ask our staff for their assistance.
Equipment, utensils, and surfaces that are frequently touched are being disinfected regularly.
The food has always been prepared according to strict rules and we continue to follow the HACCP food safety system.
Coronaviruses are deactivated in the presence of sufficient quantities of free chlorine so it is unlikely that there would be viable viruses in our properly operated pools.
Even so, we have raised the chlorine levels in our pools and the area is disinfected even more frequently than the guidelines recommend, in order to achieve maximum safety.
We inspect the disinfecting systems several times a day.
The sauna guidelines have been updated, there is a new maximum number of people who are allowed to use them at the same time.
The equipment and machines are being regularly disinfected, and the usual disinfectants are still in place for our guests to use.
We air out and ventilate the gyms frequently, in addition to frequent cleaning.
During massages, the only person you will come into contact with is our masseur who is wearing protective equipment and following strict regulations.
*Please note that not all services are available in all of our hotels. Visit our website for information about using our services.
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