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hotel management and consulting

During the 14 years of our existence as the largest independent hotel operator in Hungary, we have participated in the management of more than 30 hotels, and advised in the preparation, and feasibility of several projects as consultants.

We currently operate over 1,700 rooms in 25 different hotels in Hungary and Austria.


our services

We perform all tasks related to the operation of the hotel. The owner of the hotel can therefore treat the hotel as an investment, and leave the management of the hotel in our hands. We have several cooperation models which are selected based on the nature of the project and the goals of the owner.
Accent systems and services
Accent Hotels provides independent hotels with sales and communication services by involving the hotels in its carefully developed marketing systems. In addition, the full knowledge of Accent Hotels will be utilized in all areas. Our experienced colleagues will support the management of the hotel in the areas of general operations, shift management, food and beverages, finance, procurement, and employee management, among others. The hotels under our management automatically benefit from Accent Hotels’ sourcing partnerships as well.
international franchise

Accent Hotels provides hotels with the use of its international brand under a franchise agreement. For independent hotels, Accent provides a successful operating model under its own brand through central sales, marketing, and loyalty campaigns.

In the form of a franchise agreement, we ensure that the hotels operate successfully under our international brand, while for independent hotels we provide the aforementioned services.

We are actively involved in the representation of the world’s leading hotel chains on the European level. So, as hotel operators, we can be partners of, among others, Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Best Western, Louvre Hotels, and many other top brands.

expert advice

For hotels in development, and even those that are already operating, it is often worth asking for external, expert opinions and advice before making a decision. At Accent we use our extensive operating experience, and tourism market experience to review, analyze, and advise on the feasibility of planned results for hotels that have yet to open, or the operations of hotels that are already operating.

We begin our consultations with extensive data collection and by making a detailed analysis. The data collection process mostly consists of face-to-face meetings, and field research, reviewing reports about past data, and online research of the market environment.

During the course of our consultation and reviewing process, we focus primarily on the areas of hotel operation, and management, which in many cases can become part of more complex studies. In this case, we are also happy to participate as subcontractors of the company that that is preparing the more extensive study.


business models

In all cases, the appropriate operating model depends on the details of the project, the capabilities of the hotel, as well as the goals of the hotel owner. Accent Hotels Management works with a range of business models each with their own benefits and features. It is important to emphasize that for each model the profit is distributed among the parties according to the degree of business risk-taking, so the higher the risk of a given party, the greater the share of the profit they could receive.

Below, you will find the different available models outlined.



A modern and flexible form of operation, which provides the highest degree of profit for the owner. In this model the hotel is operated by the owner’s project company, the running of which Accent takes responsibility. The revenues and expenses are generated in the hotel management project company, the employees are also working under this company, and the results of the company is the profit for the owner. Accent Hotels is a contracted partner of the project company, our remuneration is tied to the hotel’s revenues (fixed fee) and the gross operating profit after the operating costs are deducted (motivational fee).

Benefits of the model:
  • There is no upper limit for the owner's profit- in a market boom, the owner reaches the highest return on the project with this model.
  • The operating profil is not fixed, if the hotel doesn't perform so well, then the operating fees are also proportionally lower.
  • With the motivational fee, it is in Accent's interest to create the most efficient operations possible.

For the revenue share model, the property is leased with a project company of Accent Hotels being the tenant. The tenant operates the hotel fully, and pays rent to the owner. The rent consists of two components: a lower fixed rent, and another portion expressed as a percentage of the hotel’s revenue. The highest of the two components is paid out as rent. So if the proportional rent fee is higher than the fixed fee then the tenant pays that to the landlord, but the landlord receives the fixed fee at the minimum if that is not the case.

Benefits of the model:

  • Mutual and proportional risk-taking from both sides.
  • The potential profit for the owner is not limited, since when the market is doing well and the hotel’s revenues are high, the rent will also be proportionally higher.
  • A clear lease construction, wherein the role of the tenant and the landlord are clearly defined.
other MODELs

Accent can also offer other forms of operating models for collaboration, once the details of the project are known. The business model can be a hybrid in a form that combines the management model and the revenue share model, but it could also be a fixed rent that is determined in advance.

In these cases, we always analyze the distribution of the business risk and make a bid accordingly.


our services for external members

procurement association
Sector-specific financial accounting

Our sourcing department negotiates prices and conditions with the largest suppliers in the hotel industry for hotels and our associate members operated by Accent. Additionally, we review the quality of suppliers' products and make sure they are of the highest quality. We are looking for external hotels to join our association, who would like to take advantage of economies of scale in the field of procurement.


Accent has built an accounting system tailored to the specifics of the hotel and catering industry, which is also supported by numerous technological developments. Our service is not only available for the hotels we operate, but also for external members. Our accounting system provides accurate, transparent, up-to-date, and essential analytics in the day-to-day operations of hotels.


about us

Accent Hotel Management provides comprehensive, professional advice, and operational solutions for hotel owners, investors, and lenders.

•    The company was founded in 2007 by professionals with extensive international experience in the tourism and hospitality industry in the Central European region.
•    Accent currently operates over 1,700 rooms in Hungary, and Austria on behalf of various different owners and investors.
•    Nearly 700 employees are working in the company's hotels. In addition, 35 colleagues provide professional support from the Budapest head office.
•    The annual sales revenue of the company froup exceeded 11 billion HUF (33 million EUR) in 2019.





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