Best price guarantee

Best price guarantee

On the websites of our hotels and on we guarantee the best prices available on the market for you.


For registered users of, we provide an additional 5% discount on the prices that displayed for unregistered visitors. All you have to do is siging up and log in to our website.


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Did you find a better price on another website?

Should you find a better price on any other website after your reserved a room with us and less than 24 hours elapsed since your reservation please inform us about it and we immediately provide the same fair price for you once the following conditions are granted:

  • Sent us a complaint to in which you refer to your reservation with (showing your reservation id number) and also include the link (URL address) of the website where you found the better price. Please, always support it with a screenshot attached that shows the better price promoted on that specific website (print screen function).
  • You already have a reserved room in one of our hotels and not more than 24 hours has elapsed since you received our confirmation until your wrote us your complaint email to
  • The better price has the same reservation conditions as you made with us.

The following conditions must be identical:

  • Same hotel or the same wesort
  • Same number and ages of guests
  • Same accommodation and room type with same rooming conditions
  • Same arrival and same departure dates
  • Same conditions of included services (e.g. spa treatments, meal plan, etc) and same cancellation conditions

You will receive our reply in two workdays. During that period your reservation stays valid but certainly you can cancel it. If you would like to cancel your reservation you are free to do it considering the cancellation policies set in the reservations’ confirmation.

We cannot grant the same price for you if any of the followings are true:

  •  You are not able to present the website where you found the better price and you cannot send us a screenshot supporting your complain

The better price is only valid with the following conditions or with any combination of these conditions:

  • Membership rates or prices for closed and exclusive clubs
  • Prices for returning guests (Would you like to apply to Accent regular program?)
  • Price decreased by the loyalty points/returning visitor points collected that special distributor or its partner

Please take a look at our actual offering!

For further discounts please register to our loyalty program.

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