32. Wizz Air Half Marathon running

32. Wizz Air Half Marathon running

We are tired. We need to rest.

The runners of Accent Hotels made the distance successfully again at the weekend.

Neither the blazing sun can not held back our 18 runner collegues of Accent Hotels. They participated in the 32. Wizz Air Half Marathon running competition in 10th September with each other in Budapest downtown.

A 32. Wizz Air half marathon (21,1km) single runners:

  • Rajki Dóra: Art Hotel Szeged
  • Kerek Péter: Accent Hotels HQ
  • Anisity István: Holiday Hotel Csopak
  • Dancs Norbert: Ambra Hotel, Budapest
  • Nagy András: Accent Hotels HQ
  • Budavári Zoltán: Bonvital Wellness & Gastro Hotel, Hévíz

Runned in pairs (11,7 and 9,4 km):

  • Dancsi Noémi és Grau Noémi: 12 Révay Hotel, Budapest
  • Csordás Andrea és Miseta Alexandra: Accent Hotels HQ
  • Csordás Imre és Nagy Zsolt: Accent Hotels HQ and Roombach Hotel Budapest Center

Runned in trio (5,9 - 7,7 - 7,9 km):

  • Horváth-Szalai Barbara, Nagy Anita and Vigh-Guttmann Barbara: Greenfield Hotel Golf & Spa, Bükfürdő;
  • Hegedűs Dávid, Horváth Péter and Kerek Péter: 12 Révay Hotel, Budapest and Accent Hotels;
  • Sieber Anita and the "Crazy runners": Károlyi-Kastély Hotel & Restaurant, Fehérvárcsurgó with each other

We congratulate everyone for the successful participation!

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