Accent Gastro Club - Szentgotthárd

Accent Gastro Club - Szentgotthárd

In the last two days, the four-star Gotthard Therme Hotel in Szentgotthárd hosted this year’s last meeting of Accent hotels’ chefs and waiters/waitresses.

During the two days, our chefs, waiters/waitresses and bartenders participated in several professional programs, met the main suppliers and got acquainted with the latest kitchen and restaurant equipment, tools and facilities as well.  

As usual, we couldn’t miss out on competing either on this particular occasion, and beetroot happened to “win”.  



The chefs worked in 2-person teams, their dishes were evaluated, and this time the winner was: Beetroot cream soup with goat cheese soufflé made by Gábor Takács (Chef at Andrássy Rezidencia in Tarcal) and Gábor Goda (Chef at Art Hotel in Szeged).  

The waiters and waitresses’ cocktail contest took place with the supervision and evaluation of a professional jury. The competitors could find out the drinks, the ingredients used and the presentation of the drinks. The winner was Sándor Kertész, who works as a bartender at 12Revay Hotel in Budapest. His cocktail called "Révay’s Kiss" was made of 100% pure beetroot juice, gin, honey, salt, pepper and rosemary.   

Congratulations to the winning dishes and colleagues, and we expect them to prepare similarly exciting and delicious food next year too.

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