Journalists at the first scent hotel of the country

Journalists at the first scent hotel of the country

The Ambient Hotel Aroma SPA and Zólyomi Zsolt – The Hungarian Nose - , who is responsible for the unique scent conception, hosted journalists and bloggers in Sikonda in order that they could explore the special effects of fragrances together!

We love the scent of lilac and violet.
We smile and feel ourselves much lighter from it.
It relaxes and refreshes us.

You do not have to know whether the material is extracted from the plant by cold pressing, soaking or distilling. For this there is the expert, perfumer Zólyomi Zsolt. - The petals of violet are really small, therefore the whole plant is used, and not by cold pressing, but the molecules are extracted. Scent cannot be extracted from the lily of the valley by any processes, it is produced from the elements of the lily of the valley. Average people do not need to know what is made from what, in most cases I also buy myself the raw materials for fragrances, of course from professional companies – says „The Hungarian Nose”. It’s delicate and wonderful. According to the perfumer, an average nose is not able to determine each scents from among many fragrances. Modern-age people's sense of smell is blunted, weakened. Zólyomi Zsolt's special ability is that he can distinguish approximately thousand scents. But this does not come free. He exercises daily: he keeps smelling flowers, fruits, perfumes. It is interesting for some people but it can be also smelly for others. He associates most of the odours with some kind of pleasant feeling, for example, it reminds him of Granny's sour cherry pie.   

It is an individual feature whether you like or grimace from the fragrance you smell. - What is stinky for others, can be interesting to me. There is only one smell I cannot really stand, it is the smell of the alumina plant in Ajka – said Zólyomi Zsolt. Fragrances are present in every area of our lives and they influence our daily life. You cannot only spray them from decorative bottles onto yourself! It is important what kind of scents surround you at home or at your workplace. That is why air fresheners, washing powders, soaps are made with fragrances imitating nature. Moreover, we are not willing to go without the happiness, to which scents also contribute, even during vacation. 


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