Visit at the Károlyi Castle, on the island of peace

Visit at the Károlyi Castle, on the island of peace

Fehérvárcsurgó is situated in the heart of County Pest, among the eastern shoulders of the Bakony Mountains, in the embrace of the woods. Fehérvárcsurgó's gem is the Károlyi Castle with its aristocratic elegance.  

The estate fell into the Károlyis hands after 1834, they started to build the castle based on Henrich Koch's plans. The family could enjoy the comfort of the castle between 1847 and 1944, and although the building survived the war in a relatively intact state, its equipment, furniture, carpets, vases were all destroyed. Currently, there is only one chair that was managed to reclaim, and it can be seen in the exhibition hall of the castle. The castle was operated as military barracks, a holiday resort and a children's home, then after two decades of uninhabited state the great-great-grandson of the builder, Károlyi György acquired the right of enjoying through the foundation established in 1994 and through applications. The conservation began in 1980, so the two pavilions and the two wings were restored by 2007, then also the main building was inaugurated in 2011. 

The renovation of the castle building and the tourist reception centre, as the first phase of the complex estate restoration, was completed earlier, and the refurbishment of the garden's area next to the castle and the lake will be completed by the autumn of 2015. Later on, the historic restoration of the former riding-hall building is expected, as well as the construction of outdoor sport sites related to touristic functions.  

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