Adventures in the open air

Adventures in the open air

The success of the team building depends not only on exciting games, creative solutions or the awakening of imagination and team game. The right location can greatly contribute to the fact that also your colleagues can return home with real experiences, then by the help of these, they can make the company even more successful. At Accent Hotels there are many possibilities to choose the optimal location!

Say “Yes, I do”!

This is one of the most important days in everyone's life...
… when every little detail has to be in place…
… which cannot be repeated again.

We await you throughout the country, whether it be a romantic castle hotel, a hotel in unique natural surroundings or even five-star quality.

Celebrate with us!

Could you gladly go without the pleasant but sometimes unpleasant tasks associated with family events? At Accent hotels our colleagues will help with the organisation, they will put the menu for the festive table together, take care of the appropriate decoration and programmes in order that you cannot miss any important moments.

Where ideas are born

Many guests of the Accent hotels have already been able to experience that we provide not only the experience of perfect relaxation but also a number of ideal and inspiring sites in order that your and your team's creativity could be free to rise!  

Dragon boating? Geocaching? Or an adventure park? No matter which option you would like to try, you will surely have the opportunity at one of our hotel or in the vicinity of the hotels! Together with several cooperating partners we make sure that the days spent together would be really exciting and they would be discussed on many occasions even after returning home!

A number of our hotels have excellent features and unique opportunities to be the perfect place for a bigger family day, where family and work relationships can be intertwined. For example, you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Balaton in the park of Kenese Bay Garden Resort & Conference, your colleagues and their families can relax under the trees of the 50 acres' natural park of the Károlyi Castle in Fehérvárcsurgó. 

Colosseum Hotel




Based on 1797 reviews

Erzsébet Királyné Szálloda




Based on 65 reviews

Károlyi - Kastély Hotel & Restaurant




Based on 108 reviews

Kenese Bay Garden Resort & Conference




Based on 145 reviews

Kreinbacher Birtok




Based on 152 reviews

Gotthard Therme Hotel & Conference




Based on 1287 reviews

Tihany Yacht Club




Based on 29 reviews

Cardoner Hotel




Based on 149 reviews

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