Management Services

We provide wide range of services to improve the performance of our hotels. & Roomz booking engine
  • Central booking website for all Accent Hotels.
  • Online user registration and/or loyalty guest registration (Welcome Back Card). At that time more than 22 000 online registrations, more than 16 000 card owners and circa 300 new registrations monthly.
  • Landing page for central online advertisement campaigns.
  • Continous technical and feature developments of
  • RoomZ - uniquely developped booking engine (fitted to local market needs).
  • Achievement: increased ratio of direct hotel bookings due to smooth and precise reservation process and cross selling.
  • Corporate Module: rates and conditions are available and bookable by using a company contract dedicated code.
  • Promotion Module: more precise tracking and conversion rating of offline marketing activities (like citylight campaign, magazine ads etc).
  • New ongoing developments: creating tailor-made RoomZ modul for city hotels, improvement of statitistics feature (roomtype, average stay, age, package etc).
Marketing & PR
  • Consulting, proposing and supervising of product development based on understanding of market demand in each hotel.
  • Consulting and supervising of the communication of product profile in each hotel.
  • Continuous consulting services for hotel marketing managers regarding on-site advertisment and PR activities.
  • Framework contracts and agreements with the most important media owners; centralised media purchasing.
  • Conceptual Image Strategy for the entire group.
  • Centralised marketing activity: branding, online and offline campaigns with flexible implementation of latest technologies in the travel industry.
  • BTL (Below the line) activities including cross-promotion co-operation with a contionuosly growing network of partner companies in various sectors (automobiles, banks, beverages, etc.).
  • Maileon: centralised newsletter strategy and automation.
Welcome Back Card (since 2013)
  • Guest Loyalty Program based on earning points during the entire hotel stay. The hotel spendings are translated by 5% reward rate to points, which can be redeemed at next booking in any Accent Hotel.
  • First year’s achievement: 5100 loyalty card applications, including more than 3600 cards with redeemable points.
  • New developments: corporate Welcome Back Card, extending card acceptance places.
Centralised Sales (MICE, CORPORATE, LEISURE)
  • Widespread knowledge of local Meeting, Incentive, Corporate and Events market.
  • Representing and promoting our hotel products and services at local and international exhibitions (ITB Berlin, WTM London).
  • Strengthen negotiation position at international tour operator and wholesaler contracting.
  • Matrix structured pro-active sales.
  • Utilise cross selling opportunities.
  • Based on partner’s potential evaluation, offering more hotels for RFPs.
  • Centralised framework contracts for corporate employee rate and incentives.
  • Central Online Distribution supports hotels with pricing, yield management and online advertisement strategy. Its ongoing project is to boost our brand on different booking platforms.
  • Benefiting from being key account partners of the major OTAs and Meta search portals.
  • Following, evaluating and implementing the latest trends and tools of revenue and yield management into our systems.
  • Online distribution and sales trainings and workshops.
Human Resources Management
  • Centrally supervised implementation of common employment policies and procedures in our hotels.
  • Ensuring that the current labor regulations are maintained on site.
  • Regular training programs.
  • Centralised recruiting.
  • Integration trainings.
  • Motivating systems.
Financial Administration and Controlling
  • Full-scale controlling system developed by Accent Hotel Management which enables the management to control every detail and ensure full transparency of operational and accounting procedures for the property owners.
  • Detailed revenue statistics on daily basis and Profit & Loss statement on monthly basis.
  • Detailed financial budgeting and continous end-of-year estimation on monthly basis.
  • Full scale book-keeping services upon request.
Centralised Purchasing, procurement
  • Central framework contracts with the largest suppliers. Long term cooperation is established with more than 30 partners in energy, food & beverage, maintenance, housekeeping and office supplies sector.
  • Bulk purchase discounts and other beneficial conditions (e.c. payment condition).
  • Supplier contracts are negotiated by experienced hotel and F&B professionals whose expertise and knowledge are fully recognised by our partners.
food & beverage
  • Trainings and workshops in order to keep up with trends.
  • Development and investment ideas and planning for kitchen technology.
  • Self-organized conferences and trainings with invited third party professionals.
  • Accent Hotels' chef and f&b competition.
  • Supporting the procurement department in order to continuously improve food purchasing conditions and quality.
Operations Management
  • Full responsibility for the operation of all aspects of hotels – including rooms, F&B, spa etc. We appoint, guide and monitor the management of a property, including strategy, positioning and day to day operational management.
  • Daily contact with our inhouse team of managers, regular management meetings to review performance.
  • Each property has a degree of decision making at the hotel level, but head office is clearly involved in all major property decisions.
  • Continous monitoring of new calls for EU tenders and managing the successful participation in them.
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Important Changes
From 1st September 2021 all of our guests (regardless to their age) must present and hand over their ID cards or passports for document scanning at the time of check-in to our hotels due to modification of the Act no. CLVI/2016. of Hungary.

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