The West-Hungary region hides many treasures just waiting to be discovered. It is worth visiting the gates of Őrség which lies at the Hungary-Austria-Slovania border tripoint where the westernmost Hungarian city Szentgotthárd can be found. Somlóvásárhely, where numerous activities await us in a picturesque setting, is located in this region. It is worth visiting the Holt-tó Nature Conservation Area, where peculiar endangered plants can be seen. The Kitaibel nature trail is a favored destination as it reveals the local plant- and wildlife before our eyes.

Kreinbacher Birtok

Somló speaks to us about the passage of time, from the heritage of the solitary butte to the exceptionally long shelf-life of the wines. Time spent in any of the 16 rooms of the Kreinbacher estate can feel like a step back in time, to days when life was all about you.

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Gotthard Therme Hotel & Conference

We welcome you at the meeting point of the Hungarian-Austrian-Slovenian borders, to the website of the 148-room Gotthard Therme Hotel & Conference, which is situated in Szentgotthárd, in the most western Hungarian town.

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Benedict Hotel Kőszeg

Welcome to our webpage. Benedict Hotel Kőszeg is the newest hotel in the city, offers 35 modern rooms in the historic old town.

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