32. Wizz Air Half Marathon running
Sep 11, 2017
We are tired. We need to rest. The runners of Accent Hotels made the distance successfully again at the weekend. Neither the blazing sun can not held back our 18 runner collegues of Accent Hotels. They participated in the 32. Wizz Air Half Marathon running competition in 10th September with each other in Budapest downtown. A 32. Wizz Air half marathon (21,1km) single runners: Rajki Dóra: Art Hotel Szeged Kerek Péter: Accent Hotels HQ Anisity István: Holiday Hotel...
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Quality is learned about and recognised
Apr 7, 2017
The travel portal TripAdvisor publishes the 25 best hotels in several categories in every countries each year. This year, there is only one hotel chain, the Accent Hotels among the best hotels in the luxury category, the Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa in Hévíz and the Andrássy Rezidencia Wine & Spa in Tarcal have been awarded.    Besides the luxury category, the list of the 25 most popular hotels, where also the hotels of Budapest dominated, is very important. The Four Season won...
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Accent Gastro Club - Szentgotthárd
Nov 17, 2016
In the last two days, the four-star Gotthard Therme Hotel in Szentgotthárd hosted this year’s last meeting of Accent hotels’ chefs and waiters/waitresses. During the two days, our chefs, waiters/waitresses and bartenders participated in several professional programs, met the main suppliers and got acquainted with the latest kitchen and restaurant equipment, tools and facilities as well.   As usual, we couldn’t miss out on competing either on this particular occasion, and beetroot happ...
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Visit at the Károlyi Castle, on the island of peace
May 19, 2016
Fehérvárcsurgó is situated in the heart of County Pest, among the eastern shoulders of the Bakony Mountains, in the embrace of the woods. Fehérvárcsurgó's gem is the Károlyi Castle with its aristocratic elegance.   The estate fell into the Károlyis hands after 1834, they started to build the castle based on Henrich Koch's plans. The family could enjoy the comfort of the castle between 1847 and 1944, and although the building survived the war in a relatively intact state, its equipme...
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Journalists at the first scent hotel of the country
May 4, 2016
The Ambient Hotel Aroma SPA and Zólyomi Zsolt – The Hungarian Nose - , who is responsible for the unique scent conception, hosted journalists and bloggers in Sikonda in order that they could explore the special effects of fragrances together! We love the scent of lilac and violet. We smile and feel ourselves much lighter from it. It relaxes and refreshes us. You do not have to know whether the material is extracted from the plant by cold pressing, soaking or distilling. For this t...
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Visit with the Károlyis
Apr 27, 2016
We could also host, among others, the well-known gastronomic journalist Wessely Márta at the Károlyi Castle in Fehérvárcsurgó, where the journalist could hear about the history of the family at first hand from Count Károlyi and his wife, Angelica and could also take part in a real gastronomic adventure!     Although I prefer active relaxation in most cases, sometimes, at heart I have a desire for spending a few days in a cool, restful environment, where my biggest problem is, w...
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A hotel opened on the place of the Ferris-wheel
Apr 22, 2016
Székesfehérvár's newest hotel was also officially opened on Friday. The four-star Best Western Plus Lakeside Hotel, operated by Accent Hotel Management, is the fifth Hungarian unit of the Best Western hotel chain. The project was implemented on the place of the former amusement park, in addition to the lakeside panorama, the hotel also offers therapeutic and conference services.   The newest hotel of the Best Western (BW) hotel chain was ceremoniously opened on Friday in Székesfehér...
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The Art Hotel Szeged is among the TOP 25 hotels of Hungary
Jan 23, 2016
The Art Hotel Szeged ****, which has been included in the portfolio of the Accent Hotels recently, got into the TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice  TOP 25 hotels of Hungary.    The recognition is enhanced by the fact that from among the 25 Hungarian hotels only 3 countryside hotels, out of which the Art Hotel Szeged managed to win the visitor's honourable confidence and positive feedback, was chosen by the users of TripAdvisor. Click here to see the full list
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